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With offices in memphis and in mississippi, We are a Local agency licensed to provide full adoption services.

in TN since 1987 and MS since 2010

Our mission statement is that we believe adoption to be a permanent, covenant relationship both between the adoptive family and the child, as well as the adoptive family and the birth family. The birth family and adoptive family work together, always keeping the child’s best interest in the forefront when making the arrangements for the placement and afterwards. Cooperation, respect, and love permeate the adoption process.

Adoption Choices of Memphis is a program of Life Choices of Memphis, Inc. licensed by the states of Tennessee and Mississippi to provide child placement services. We are authorized to work with couples outside the Memphis area.

Birth Mother

" I would just like to say thank you so very much. You honestly were the only ones I trusted while going through my hard time, and to this day I have no regrets. I know for a fact that I made the best decision for me and for her. " 


We're here for you.

We have experienced, professional counselors to complete your home study and walk you through the adoption process, providing preplacement and post placement support indefinitely